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K1 Speed Mexico City has the proud distinction of being the first international location to wear the K1 Speed banner. Located in Santa Fe, home to one of Mexico City’s largest shopping malls, the facility is right in the heart of where the action is at. This is perhaps only fitting, as the indoor go-kart racing at K1 Speed Mexico City is second to none.


If you want to experience the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing at speeds approaching 45mph, come in today. Racers of all ages can compete around our indoor track – no reservations necessary. Simply show up, strap in, and enjoy the ride!




11:00 am to 10:00 pm
10:00 am to 10:00 pm

K1 Speed Santa Fe
Centro Comercial Garden Santa Fe
Guillermo González Camarena. #1205, E2
Santa Fe
Alvaro Obregón
01210 Ciudad de México, México


Front Counter:
+55 7587-0694


For Corporate Inquiries, Private Parties & Birthdays
Email: Group Reservation

INFO:     Height requirement for ADULT karts is 4ft 10in (58″). All JUNIOR racers must be a minimum of 4ft (48″) tall to race. No mixed JUNIOR and ADULT races.


With facilities located throughout the United States, K1 Speed is the premier indoor karting company in North America. In opening K1 Speed Mexico City, K1 is able to introduce indoor go-kart racing to a whole new audience. Our karting centers are designed as world-class entertainment venues, and will please even the most diehard enthusiast.


With authentic racing memorabilia, fully stocked snack bars, spacious lounges with leather couches, video games and pool tables, and professionally designed indoor go-kart tracks, our centers are like no other racing facility you’ve been to. In a country that hosts such world-renowned events as the Baja 1000, K1 Speed fits right in.


What sets K1 apart is its commitment to fully electric go-karts. These karts offer numerous advantages over gas-powered alternatives, and are incredibly fun to drive. With zero emissions, they don’t pollute like normal karts do. They are also quieter and easier to drive, as maximum torque is available at all speeds.


Having electric motors also allows us to govern and control our karts remotely if necessary. If an on-track accident requires our attention, we can put our karts into a “safe” mode so that we can attend to the issue. We can also set speed limits while karts are in the pits. At K1 Speed, we are dedicated to providing a safe environment, and electric karts allow us to do just that.


The true advantage of all-electric karts, however, is their performance. Our karts can reach speeds of nearly 45mph, and accelerate to top speed in a matter of seconds. Once you drive our karts, you’ll never go back!


Our indoor tracks allow us to run races year-round. Professionally designed, our track features advanced safety barriers and a challenging combination of corners. Best of all, every one of our karts has built-in telemetry gear, allowing you to monitor your performance in real time. You can not only keep track of your lap number and lap time, but you can compare this data to the other racers on the track with you.


We strive to provide a thrilling and authentic racing experience at K1 Speed. Live telemetry, professionally designed tracks, and advanced safety barriers help us bring karting out of the back-country fields and into the 21st century. If you’ve never experienced indoor karting at K1 Speed yourself, be prepared for a day you won’t soon forget. And don’t be surprised if you come back!


In addition to our Arrive & Drive racing, which is available every day of the year, we offer a number of race packages that are perfect for groups of ten or more people. If you are hosting a birthday party, quinceañera, bachelor party, corporate function, or team building event, we have a package that suits your needs! We even have private meeting rooms which can be reserved for groups of 10 or 100. To book a race package for your event, contact K1 Speed today.
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